1)  As all of you aware that due to heavy landslides, heavy rain & glacier burst the shrine of Kedarnathji & the route of both holy shrines i.e. Badrinathji & Kedarnathji has been damaged. To overcome from this natural calamity, disaster  & to restore & revive the glories of the most sacred temple Shri Kedarnathji, Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temples Committee requests the entire devotee around the world to come forward & donate according to their strength. The donation can be made in the form of DD/Cheque & will be made in favour of CEO, Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temples Committee.

The DD/Cheque can be send to the following address:-

Pramod Nautiyal
Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temples Committee
Maa Chandra Badni Temple, Near Kargi Chowk & Oberoi Nissan Motors,

Kargi Grant, Haridwar By-pass road, Dehradun-248001, Uttarakhand.
U can also transfer the donation dierctly  to the following account:-

Account Name:- Shri Badrinath Kedarnath Mandir Samiti Disaster Relief Fund

Bank Name:- ICICI Bank, New Cantt Road, Hathi Barkalla, Dehradun

A/C No:- 016401021900

IFSC Code:- ICIC0000164


 2) The Kapat of Shri Badrinath Temple will open on 05th May 2014 at 4:05 AM.

Now the devotees can perform winter puja, abhishek & darshan of Lord Badrinathji at Pandukeshwar/Shri Narsingh Temple, Joshimath which is the winter seat of the divine god with same rituals as performed at Shri Badrinath.

3) The Kapat of Shri Kedarnath Temple will open on 04th May 2014 at 6:00 AM.

Now the devotees can perform winter puja, abhishek & darshan of Lord Kedarnathji at Shri Omkareshwar Temple, Ukhimath which is the winter seat of the divine god with same rituals as performed at ShriKedarnath. 

4) The renovation of Shri Narsingh Temple at Joshimath which is the winter seat of Lord Badrinath, has been started by the Temple Committee on 14th January 2013 i.e.  on the auspicious day of Makarsankranti.

5)  From last  yatra season Temple Committee has started token system for performing darshans at Badrinathji to the devotees. Three stalls were installed at the Taxi stand at Badrinathji. From these stalls the devotees collect the token & get the tentative time for performing darshans at Badrinathji. The time allotted to every devotee for performing darshan of Lord Badrinathji was 10-20 Seconds. 
6) Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temples Committee had organize a Shanti Path on 16th July 2013 at Har-Ki-Pauri, Haridwar, in memory of the devotees who passed away in the natural calamity which struck Kedarnathji & other areas last month i.e. 16-17 June 2013. 
7) Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temples Committee Act, 1939 has been mounted on the web-site.

8) Due to the efforts of the committee, last year there was very huge amount of pilgrimage turnout at Shri Badrinath & Shri Kedarnath Temples. Past year temple committee has made mandatory for every devotee to possess certain ID proof for performing darshan at these shrines.